Riffle: an Open Source Water Monitoring Approach

The Riffle is a collection of designs that take an open source approach to water monitoring, with the intent of making gathering water information easier and more accessible. It is part of Public Lab's Open Water Project. (Lead image by @cfastie)

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Nalgene submarine

by cfastie over 2 years ago | 2 | 1,964 | 6

Old Nalgene bottles could be recruited for underwater enclosures for microcontrollers. They are t...

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Waterproofing the Riffle

by pdhixenbaugh 3 months ago | 5 | 87 | 1

Hi Y'all Sorry about my disorganization. I am going to next investigate waterproofing a wire ...

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How to bootload a Riffle #Arduino #water #science #tech

by Zengirl2 9 months ago | 2 | 358 | 3

Perhaps you ordered a Riffle without Arduino installed, or maybe you uploaded some code that yo...

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Adafruit Feathers for datalogging

by cfastie 11 months ago | 3 | 1,710 | 2

Two years ago, Adafruit introduced a new line of Arduino compatible microcontroller boards. The...

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Willow Creek Water Quality Monitoring

by MadTinker about 1 year ago | 9 | 772 | 9

I am currently active with the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee,...

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A Sensor Journalist’s Story

by mlamadrid over 1 year ago | 0 | 146 | 1

Article by Jillian Clemente for [Community Science Forum: ...

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The Riffle: DIY and Open Source

by mlamadrid over 1 year ago | 0 | 230 | 2

Article by [Mathew Lippincott][1] and [Don Blair][2] for [Community Science Forum: Water][3] T...

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Blink a LED - Write a 'Sketch' and build a breadboard circuit for the Riffle

by pdhixenbaugh almost 2 years ago | 0 | 548 | 2

The goal of this activity is to get familiar with writing code and designing circuits for the Ri...

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Riffle and Thermsistor

by pdhixenbaugh almost 2 years ago | 1 | 405 | 2

Trial and Documentation Test for using a thermsistor with the Riffle. The documentation I am fol...

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Testing Riffle Documentation - 1wire

by pdhixenbaugh almost 2 years ago | 2 | 359 | 1

Status: Code working, incorrect temperatures. Need to resolve this. Does documentation need a...

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Organizing the Riffle Area

by pdhixenbaugh almost 2 years ago | 9 | 395 | 3

@lizbarry and @donblair expressed interest in reorganizing the Riffle area. This is one outline ...

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Draft Meta-Riffle Part 2: All about pins

by pdhixenbaugh about 2 years ago | 1 | 441 | 1

Continue where [Part 1](https://publiclab.org/notes/pdhixenbaugh/09-15-2016/draft-don-t-look-m...

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Particle Electron

by kinasmith about 2 years ago | 0 | 427 | 4

I just got my hands on one of the Particle Electron prototyping kits...

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Riffle Device: Water Conductivity Sensor

by rebeccah New Contributor about 2 years ago | 7 | 751 | 1

The ultimate goal is to design an inexpensive device that can be placed in streams across Wester...

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Planning for a new Riffle conductivity circuit

by pdhixenbaugh about 2 years ago | 5 | 609 | 1

I want to build a conductivity sensor that can attach to the riffle inside of a water bottle, fo...

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More Riffle Data - Voltage droppin slowly

by pdhixenbaugh about 2 years ago | 1 | 325 | 0

Share Temp and Voltage Data from Riffle Test in a refridgerator for a week followed by room temp...

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Remixing Kina and Don's Code - low power temperature logging

by pdhixenbaugh about 2 years ago | 1 | 380 | 0

I want to adapt Kina and Don's basic logging code to incorporate the power saving features int...

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Riffle Beta project - Methane Gas Sensor

by Bob New Contributor over 2 years ago | 3 | 817 | 6

Leaking natural gas infrastructure is a known problem. ...

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In the heat of the pile

by cfastie over 2 years ago | 3 | 766 | 2

*Above: The height of the compost pile dropped about a foot in a week of cooking. The temperature...

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*FIXED* Riffle SD card Power Consumption

by kinasmith over 2 years ago | 4 | 1,016 | 3

After some sleuthing, I figured out the culprit for why the Riffle was consuming so much power, a...

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Compost is hot, says Riffle

by cfastie over 2 years ago | 4 | 1,204 | 2

Above: Two temperature probes wired to a Riffle in the Nalgene bottle. Cellular respiration ...

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Riffle Power Consumption

by kinasmith over 2 years ago | 3 | 1,321 | 2

As with most battery powered devices, it's a reasonable thing to want to know how long they ar...

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One way of using the RTC Alarms to schedule logging on the Riffle

by kinasmith over 2 years ago | 10 | 1,668 | 3

This is my first research note. I'll get used to the formatting in a minute. I finally got to ...

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Soaring Riffle

by cfastie over 2 years ago | 2 | 1,391 | 4

Above: Is a flying Riffle a Fliffle? It might look like somebody strapped things on to a KAP...

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