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How to Get Excited About Climate Change Prep #climatechange #science #citizenscience

by Zengirl2 7 months ago | 1 | 249 | 1

People have a hard time wrapping their heads around climate change, but luckily there is a new op...

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Signal To Noise Ratio data graphs on various slit width's

by dhaffnersr over 2 years ago | 3 | 1,273 | 0

Here is an excel spread sheet graph on the various slit width's that we use: [![

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Pencil lead works well as an electrode material in lead analysis

by JSummers over 2 years ago | 0 | 1,964 | 7

This was a test to see if pencil lead can be used as an electrode material in electrochemical le...

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Fluorescence of tabasco sauce

by dhaffnersr over 2 years ago | 0 | 997 | 2

This is a test tube with ethyl alcohol 70% with 60 drops of Tabasco sauce and 1 drop of eosin Y ...

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by dhaffnersr almost 3 years ago | 0 | 1,650 | 0

Today I was doing some calibrating for fluorescing gasoline and oil samples If you notice i...

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Some Gulf Coast Use Cases for the Oil Testing kit in 2015

by eustatic almost 3 years ago | 10 | 1,338 | 3

I would like to describe some problems encountered in Southern Louisiana where having a visual...

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Air Plant Bio Bubbler

by eustatic almost 3 years ago | 3 | 1,831 | 3

Retrofit an air plant I had cultivated as an office plant into a bio bubbler, as shown at the ...

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Improved top seal for homemade reference electrodes.

by JSummers almost 3 years ago | 0 | 2,104 | 2

In an earlier research note (found [here](

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DIY Document Scanning

by ajawitz over 3 years ago | 0 | 3,261 | 3

I want to share various DIY techniques for digitizing hard-copy books and documents using some...

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DIY Pole Mapping Camera Mount

by Natalie over 3 years ago | 1 | 3,942 | 1

So after my first post of DIYing it with the plastic pen caps I decided to go back to the drawin...

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DustDuino Data Quality

by Willie over 3 years ago | 1 | 4,676 | 5

There is an enormous need for low-cost air pollution monitoring around the world. In particula...

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Common-anode LED thermal flashlight casing and circuit diagram

by lmc6399group New Contributor over 3 years ago | 3 | 3,510 | 4

A redrawn circuit diagram of the thermal flashlight described here:

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Thermal Imaging: Heat Insulation in Older Building

by SCG almost 4 years ago | 1 | 1,835 | 1

Our second attempt was in a bedroom in an older apartment. We tested the apartment on November 24...

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Thermal Imaging: Heat Insulation Comparison

by SCG almost 4 years ago | 0 | 1,722 | 2

We hope to test the insulation in different apartment buildings among the Northeastern University...

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South of France Forest monitoring

by DroneGo New Contributor about 4 years ago | 3 | 2,146 | 0

Develop a tool with Drone (Quadcopter), InfraRed camera, in forestry theme want to discr...

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by flint New Contributor over 4 years ago | 4 | 2,098 | 0

Arduino based low cost remote stream gauge see presentation[][(

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Public remote sensing

by Dongjie New Contributor over 4 years ago | 2 | 2,305 | 0

Let the remote sensing technology to be used in our daily life. The attached is the reflecta...

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Thermal Flashlight Using MLX90614 IR Evaluation Board From Sparkfun

by ajawitz over 4 years ago | 6 | 8,050 | 2

I would like to build a Thermal Flashlight that is very similar to the current recommended metho...

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Potentiostat Notes 5: How to make low cost electrodes.

by JSummers almost 5 years ago | 10 | 18,738 | 2

This note reviews some basics about electrodes and discusses how you can make your own at low co...

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Thermal Flashlight from hacked, off-the-shelf Pocket IR Thermometer

by ajawitz almost 5 years ago | 6 | 6,387 | 1

I would like to hack an off-the-shelf IR Thermometer found at any Radio Shack (link and image be...

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