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Setting up the Raspberry Pi Camera for Wireless Streaming

by partsandcrafts 10 days ago | 4 | 176 | 2

For a full overview of this project, go to [Raspberry Pi Microscope Build](

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Quick Build: Raspberry Pi Microscope

by partsandcrafts 11 days ago | 7 | 207 | 0

Quick build instructions for [Hackteria Remix Raspberry Pi Microscope](

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Hackteria Remix: Building a Raspberry Pi Microscope

by partsandcrafts 16 days ago | 3 | 188 | 5

A microscope at its core consists of 4 things being held in place in relationship to each other...

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Microscope build for Barnraising 2017

by kgradow1 about 1 month ago | 0 | 132 | 1

Will adapted the stage he built last week at the Fab Lab to work with a 40mm objective and the ...

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