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KnowFlow will have a NB-IoT version one in few weeks

by rockets | November 05, 2019 04:56 05 Nov 04:56 | #21393 | #21393

KnowFlow is back

I think I haven't had time to continue to push this project for a while, and I have been dragged by other projects this year. Fortunately, these projects have already made a paragraph. I finally have time to come back and look at this project.

The good news is that in the next few weeks, I will be pushing this project to have an NB-IoT-based version.

The new version will feature a range of features such as NB-IoT, Wifi, Bluetooth, solar battery management, low power consumption and more.

I hope that if everything goes well, the demo will probably be made in a few weeks.

I hope everyone can enjoy this news and hope that everyone will continue to support our project.








I'm thrilled about the news!

I will send you one set when it finishes. and keep my promise.

So exciting! Always great to hear from you Rockets! :D

glad to come back!

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