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I am an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York and an Assistant Professor of Media and Communications at the State University of New York at Old Westbury. My recent projects include ‘Deep Black Sea’ – an experimental documentary series that chronicles the aftermath of oil spills around the world, and ‘The Newtown Creek Armada’ – an interactive boat pond created in a New York Superfund site.
I am now working to develop a new project called Appalachian Mountaintop Patrol (AMP), a collaborative, environmental watchdog multimedia education initiative that will train people in Boone County, WV to document environmental contamination resulting from coal / natural gas extraction in the Appalachian Mountains using video cameras, drones and environmental sensors.
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Dustduino Build for the AMP project

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AMP August and September workshops and fieldwork

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Hacking trail cameras to document blasts on Mountaintop Removal sites

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I am working a project called [The Appalachian Mountaintop Patrol](

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Sensors for collecting environmental data at MTR and hydrofracking sites?

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I'm working to develop a new project called Appalachian Mountaintop Patrol (AMP). The Appalach...

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