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Trail Cam: Stream/ Wetland Sedimentation

by dswenson |

image description

Using Crenova trail cam time lapse photos to get visual of adjacent industrial sand mine (~250 meters west of this stream/wetland zone) sedimentation discharge. Camera is posted at one end of a 4' diameter culvert. Planning to add Riffle monitor at this site to detail stream turbidity, conductivity, depth and temperature. image description

photo-monitoring timelapse water-quality trail-camera sedimentation sand-mine sand-mining crenova



This looks great, thank you for sharing! How long has it been out there, and do you have a sense of the battery life? How often are you shooting?

We're collecting documentation on setup here: -- any chance you've taken some snaps of how you set it up and pointed it?

Thank you!

Following an initial brief posting in early December (cold snap conditions), I re-posted the camera the third week in February attempting to precede warm-ups and snow-melt runoff events.

Since I've set-up a single daily time lapse photo format, I'd anticipate a 4 month battery shelf life.

I'll provide set-up photos along with additional stream/wetland photos this weekend.

Thanks for the interest -- additional feedback is most welcome!

That's great to hear, thanks. 4 months would indeed be great.

Just came across this -- blasting caught on timelapse at a mountaintop removal site by @LauraChipley:


Pretty impressive what you can catch!

Wow! looks like you have a great spot for the camera! Thanks for posting

Thanks Warren. Blasting events resonate landscape and concern!

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