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bkleist 10 research notes and wiki edits

UWEC air quality monitoring

by bkleist 4 months ago | 2 | 159 | 1

![image description](https://publiclab.org/system/images/photos/000/020/079/large/20170327_132002...

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Air Quality Monitoring at UWEC

by bkleist 5 months ago | 10 | 54 | 3

Air quality research is beginning again once again in Eau Claire, this time a bit closer to home....

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A month in the field and nothing to show

by bkleist 9 months ago | 9 | 353 | 2

I am sorry for such a delay in posts, I recently got a sustainability internship and have been wo...

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Silica (frac) Sand Research

by bkleist 11 months ago | 5 | 432 | 4

My team and I have been measuring concentrations of PM10 and PM2.5 particulates near frac sand mi...

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