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Research note on this topic:


The plots-organizers list is an email list for people that are both key organizers in their communities and key contributors to the Public Lab community through work on things such as the website and communications. The new list is based on the previous "team" list, where typical emails are about upcoming events (sometimes there are speaking/travel opportunities),organizing local chapters, and other topics related to the Public Lab community rather than simply research.

We're basically hoping to expand the list a bit to help connect organizers to one another and also to have a more transparent way to join the list.

We have a weekly call on Thursdays at 9:20PST/11:20CST/12:20EST until around 9:45/11:45/12:45

If you are an organizer, to join, please add Public.Lab on Skype and add your Skype name to the Google Doc.

Criteria (open to revision):

  • a nomination (person nominating provides statement about why they are nominating) and 2 supporting nominations (i.e. an existing member nominates someone and 2 others would say “i second that” and “i third that”)
  • self-nomination (a short statement about your work and the mission statement) + 2 supporting nominations
  • other ideas?


Please list your name if you are nominating and if you are providing a supporting nomination, list your name as well:

  • Example nominee name (second,third here)

    • Nomination text here
  • Dan Beavers (nominated by: Shannon, second by Stewart, third by Chris)

    • I'd like to nominate Dan Beavers to become part of the organizers list. Dan has been involved in the Public Lab related events in Louisiana, was an attendee of the barn raising and WinterCamp, contributed to the redesign of the Public Lab landing page on the website, is part of the PLOTS-Alpha testers group for the new website and has been working with Mathew on kite modifications, building and design.

(To view old nominations, see