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Online Odor Log v1.0

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What we want to do

To set a worldwide Online Odor Log using the Odor Log 1.0 collected data. Visit the map at Odor Log v1.0 or report from here using the (+) button to add a new report.

Adding a launcher to your phone

You can also create an Android or iOS launcher for your mobile phone. Just visit the survey url and bookmark it using Chrome or Safari. Click on "add to home screen" or " create launcher". You'll get a new launcher on your Phone so you'll be able to report an event just with one click.

Our attempt and results

We've used the Ushahidi mapping engine to set up an online survey allowing real time reporting of local bad odor events.

Questions and next steps

Test. Translate. Spread the voice to foster it's use.

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Check it out @Zengirl2, @sarasage, @warren

Wow, this is so cool! Great work!

Very cool! @sarasage you're quoted:


Really great to see this and I think that people suffering from factory farm pollution will make good use of it. +1 for launcher to simplify one click for mobile, too. Thanks so much for creating this and for making it in Spanish as well! I've shared the link with SRAP. :)

Thanks we hope it will be useful. We've just updated the survey url. The initial "date" was redundant as there are two dated input methods on the survey. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you think more data would be useful we can add it to the survey ;D

@imvec I already have a nonprofit dealing with factory farm pollution that is interested in having me present your awesome tool. A few questions: If someone wants to remain anonymous, can they just choose a location nearby, but not exactly their GPS coordinates? Can people see the map without an account login? Is this a Beta or is it ready to use now? So far I see one data point on the map.

Thanks so much!

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Awesome - down the road I wonder if we could connect w ushahidi to use the blurred location form we developed for public lab...

I know some ushahidi folks if you're interested... But it might be a slower project then this use case, @zengirl2

Thanks @warren. I think since this project allows for printing out PDF form option, those who want true anonymity can choose to just skip the map, yet their location can be known to those that need (and will keep secure) the data. Perhaps the blurred map option could be a future "Summer of Code" project?

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@imvec Can you also add "animal waste" and "smoke" for type of smell. I'm thinking that would cover factory farms and also events like forest fires.

Great idea @Zengirl2

Hi @zengirl2, @warren and @liz! So, people can report anonimously clicking the (+) button and no need of account. In relation to the exact position we think a nearby location can be choosen. Odors spread so we think It's not necessary to be the exact position (what do you think?) The blurring option would be great but we're technically unable of such an improvement. Jeff those contacts can be useful but we're using the free plan and we're not sure if It's possible there. A seflhosted installation would be needed.

There's a new report on the map by a third party Zengirl2,you can check it as It's anonymous. In relation to anonimity we are not sure how the IP's are managed by ushahidi. Let us check it. But If the anonimity question is related to the accounts, theres's no need of account and no contact is requested on the survey ;)

In relation to the Alfa or beta stage we can decide it togheter in this thread. We just launched it following the paper log to test it.

Smoke and Animal waste incorporated ;D

And please amigas, present it al over the galaxy!!

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Hi! I was kind of hoping ushahidi folks might be interested in adding such privacy features to their system by default, not as a customization. I emailed a friend there and also posted a feature request:

@imvec you have no idea how exciting this is! It's crazy to think that you just added something because I suggested it (the power of open-source :D). Anyway, lots of people are going to be happy about your log. Thanks for answering my questions about anonymity and also for double checking with ushahidi. Some people may be involved in lawsuits, so this is good to know.

@warren ty for checking in with ushahidi. Let's see what they say.

@imvec Can you also add a warning? some.....NBQ protection recommended for the area?

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Y ya que estamos.....human or animal known diseases in the area?

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I was thinking -- what if we had a collection of "training smells" -- made of harmless ingredients, as an aid to identify and categorize smells? I often have trouble describing smells verbally.

I got the idea from an exhibition on Chinese spices in new york -- they used empty squeezable mustard bottles -- with the pointy tips -- and you tried to guess what the spice was from smell. The answer was on the bottom.

Spices or harmless smelly things wouldn't perfectly simulate many of the smells we're talking about. But some might be helpful. What do you all think?

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"Scratch-n-Sniff" stickers are already used to educate people about certain chemical smells that should be reported:

Cool! And it's possible to make ty ur own scratch and sniff stickers too... Interesting!

I wonder what smells are available already made?

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