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EPA's Beta C-Tools - Community Tools for Modeling Near-Road or Port Air Quality

by zengirl2 | April 20, 2017 20:21 20 Apr 20:21 | #14126 | #14126

I just attended a webinar today from the EPA demoing their C-Tools software for modeling. For now they have two options: C-Line and C-Port.


  • Community Line Source Model
  • Local air quality due to mobile sources in region
  • Computes dispersion of primary mobile source pollutants using meteorological conditions for the region of interest
  • Can adjust variables for traffic type (diesel trucks), wind etc. for "what if" scenarios


  • Community modeling system for Near-Port
  • Select port of interest
  • Look at terminal pollution, rail, traffic, shipping lanes, ship docking locations, point-source emissions

It's meant for citizen science, so have fun exploring. **



Here's their video:

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