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This is an attempt to replicate an activity.


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What I want to do

Tests DustDuino

O que estamos fazendo

Testes com DustDuino

My attempt and results

Meus experimentos e resultados

Teste de leitura do ar em ambiente fechado (bancada de eletrônica):


Utilizando o código > (20150827)

Serial print (delay 30s): PM10 count,PM2.5 count,PM10 conc,PM2.5 conc 0.62,58.45,0.20,0.09 0.62,152.81,0.20,0.24 0.62,0.00,0.20,0.00 0.62,0.86,0.20,0.00 0.62,339.42,0.20,0.53 0.62,0.00,0.20,0.00 484.58,2047.16,155.91,3.19 0.62,30.17,0.20,0.05 0.62,346.64,0.20,0.54 19.89,232.51,6.40,0.36 0.62,0.00,0.20,0.00 0.62,273.66,0.20,0.43 0.62,587.63,0.20,0.92

Questions and next steps

Questões e próximos passos

Why I'm interested

Por que nos interessamos


@willie check this out!

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