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I'm a Public Lab organizer in New Orleans and a recent graduate of the Louisiana State University School of Renewable Natural Resources. My major is watershed science with a minor in wetland ecology and restoration.

I'm passionate about wetland wildlife, especially birds. Since the winter of 2013, I've been studying the avian response to restoration projects in the Mississippi River Delta.

I'm also very passionate about citizen science and community engagement. I used to work as an urban planner and headed a community mapping project in New Orleans called NolaCycle. I'm involved in Public Lab because I want to help people understand their environment by giving them the tools to monitor changes in the water, air, and soil in their community.

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MapKnitter map of Mardi Gras Pass Infagram Aug 2015

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<iframe src="" style="border:no...

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Talk science to me - Kenny and Don audtion for Public Lab TV

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Help non-scientists understand what goes on behind the scenes in Public Lab. My non-scient...

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Don explains the theory behind the depth sensor for the Riffle

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In New Orleans, we have major issues with flooding and stormwater runoff, which contributes to...

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Building a pavement quality sensor for a bicycle, use data to create maps

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During the barn raising, I talked to a few people about an older, low-tech community mapping p...

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