Remote Sensing

This page lists selected publicly available archival remote sensing data.

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Prototype: filter map tiles in real-time in a browser with ImageSequencer (NDVI Landsat)

by warren 5 months ago | 7 | 492 | 1

I've been working with the new Image Sequencer, a Public Lab project, to try ...

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Use Image Sequencer for NDVI plant analysis with 2 images

by warren 5 months ago | 7 | 369 | 2

This tutorial shows how to use Image Sequencer to take two DIY multispectral ...

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Packaged photo monitoring plugins available on the GitHub repositoy

by nedhorning almost 3 years ago | 4 | 2,180 | 5

Today I added packaged Fiji/ImageJ/photo monitoring plugin software to the plugin's GitHub reposi...

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Building a pavement quality sensor for a bicycle, use data to create maps

by laurenrae almost 4 years ago | 3 | 1,519 | 4

During the barn raising, I talked to a few people about an older, low-tech community mapping p...

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Landsat Image Analysis Over New York

by nicholas over 4 years ago | 5 | 1,269 | 4

Following [this amazing tutorial](

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iFarm tech talks

by cfastie over 4 years ago | 0 | 3,632 | 1

This past Saturday morning at iFarm at Tuckaway Farm in New...

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iFarm UAV Field Day

by cfastie over 4 years ago | 0 | 3,939 | 1

Above: Matt Koestner of UAV America unfolding the DJI S1000 (Photo: Ned Horning). Each year ...

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Determining Landsat 8 overpass times

by nedhorning about 5 years ago | 4 | 15,030 | 5

There has been some discussion about coordinating aerial mapping missions with the overpass of La...

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Article: MODIS Detects Oil Spills in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

by warren over 7 years ago | 0 | 2,792 | 0

Abstract: "The article highlights the unprecedented capability of MODIS 250-m bands for coast...

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