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Depth Sensor Proposal - Experimental Results

by danbeavers | November 12, 2017 01:55 12 Nov 01:55 | #15175 | #15175


In electrical terms this is analogous to measuring the voltage across a resistor to determine current where the pressure is voltage and the needle valve is resistance. So this is actually measuring flow rate as it varies with the immersion depth.

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great PDF write up. say someone was to mount the tube on the wall where the water changes. What might a scale look like for it that could be posted with it?

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By the tube, I assume you mean the manometer. The most accurate way to accomplish this would be to make a scale that is calibrated to your setup and then use that to measure the indicated water depth. This could consist of a paper scale glued to a ruler or a similar configuration. The reason you would want to use a separate scale is that the manometer reading is the distance between surfaces. If evaporation of water in the column occurs then a fixed scale would not be able to accurately measure this distance.
Of course, the more expensive and easier route would be to use a cheap single board computer with a differential pressure sensor to provide the data.

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