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Document your hardware upgrades at Parts & Crafts Documentation Days - Oct 12 & 19

by warren |

With all the great progress on our new Activities system, folks are starting to upgrade their starter kits, especially the Desktop Spectrometry Starter Kit (see below for a list of posted upgrades!)

So in conjunction with OSHWA's Documentation Days all October, Parts & Crafts here in Somerville, MA is hosting 4 documentation days, and we'll be hosting tables at two of them -- on the 12th and the 19th:


Spectrometry upgrading

If you have a Desktop Spectrometry Starter Kit and want to upgrade it and help in the documentation/replication effort, come on by (RSVP here but appreciated. )! And if you're not local, post your replications and upgrade builds remotely!

We'll be working in particular on the new stability upgrade by @stoft and the ambient light upgrade by myself!

We'll have the needed materials (black ink, glue, wood blocks) available, so bring your kit and we'll give it an overhaul -- similarly to how we replicated these upgrades at LEAFFEST:


Upgrades posted to date:

Title Status Author Time Difficulty Builds
Stability upgrade mockup for PLab Spectrometer 3.0 review-me @stoft 1h easy 1 builds: Try it »
OTK Proto3 - @stoft - - 0 builds: Try it »
PLab 3 Spectrometer Upgrade Prototype - @stoft - - 0 builds: Try it »
Some Suggestions for Spectrometer v3.0 and Oil Testing Kit (OTK) Attachment - @ygzstc - - 0 builds: Try it »
Constructing a Desktop Spectrometer with no Wood, and no Velcro in-progress @abdul 1h easy 0 builds: Try it »
Prototype of easy-to-build rigid spectrometer housing under-development @warren 3h easy 0 builds: Try it »
Reduce interior reflections in your spectrometer with black ink review-me @warren 10m easy 2 builds: Try it »
Camera Focus IR Filter Removal - @stef - - 0 builds: Try it »
Ongoing design of compact cuvette frame under-development @warren 5h medium 0 builds: Try it »
PLab-3 Proto Slit Upgrade - @stoft - - 0 builds: Try it »
Spectrometer Light Tight Cover Build - @stef 30m easy 0 builds: Try it »
Build Instructions For The DH 4.0 v4 Spectrometer in-progress @dhaffnersr 3h medium 0 builds: Try it »

This event is on 09-12-2016 iCal

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@warren, I posted some draft note on testing to: . Also, I don't know if you wanted to include my paper-n-tape (shall I say retrograde-upgrade) here but it's at: . It just might provide some interesting additional data for the testing.

Hi, Dave - we're doing some work on this now -- I don't think we have enough spec kits to do the paper-n-tape version here, but we are trying to create a really repeatable setup for tests; will post soon!

Jeff - hands-on experiences are usually helpful even if incomplete. You could tinker with the paper-n-tape process even if there are not enough housings. cameras, etc. For reference, the black paper I use is 14-mil thick.

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