Newark, NJ

### Welcome Newark is a wonderful city in the NY/NJ metro region. Some relevant stats about Newark's environmental health include: * Newark is the only city in the country that has a **[Cumulative Impact Ordinance](** — which means getting more data on more issues is important to enforcement. * The City of Newark is under a consent decree to fix the combined sewage overflow problem; if it rains more than 10 minutes, the Ironbound neighborhood floods, and any more than that generates a crisis where people can’t get in or out of the neighborhood. * _please add here!_ * _please add here!_ ### Organizations * **[Ironbound Community Center](** * **[University of Orange--a free people's university](** * **[Newark Environmental Justice Alliance]( * _please add here!_ * _please add here!_ ### Major advocacy points and supporting documentation * Claims of conversion to "100 % renewable energy" by Red Bull are misleading as their energy source is Covanta, a large waste-to-energy polluter, 2nd only in negative impact on Newark to the Airport: * 19 homes on "Manufacturer's Place" were built on top of contaminated groundwater filled with toxic vapors that can be lethal. Both the developer as well as the original industrial corporation "Ronson" have disappeared. Ironbound Community Corporation got involved because pets were dying: ### 2015 and earlier Public Lab is working with the Green Community Garden, part of the Adopt-A-Lot program of the City of Newark's Office of Sustainability, to establish a model for community garden management through innovative action, monitoring and evaluation. Read more about the grant [here]( Please follow **** and / or **** to get updates! _Excerpt from [mind mapping exercise, February 2014]( [![IMG_2768_edit.jpg](]( **** **August 8, 2015** [![IMG_2987.JPG](//](// [![IMG_2915.JPG](//](// [![IMG_2925.JPG](//](// [![IMG_2938.JPG](//](// [![IMG_2942.JPG](//](// [![IMG_2951.JPG](//](// [![IMG_2960.JPG](//](// [![IMG_2985.JPG](//](// ###Wiki pages ...

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