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Maps: open data from balloon and kite photography ### Do-It-Yourself "satellite" imagery These maps were largely made by [taking photos from balloons and kites](/balloon-mapping), a technique adopted and refined by Public Lab contributors. Make one yourself and it can be featured here. [map:tag:map-archive:43:-71] View all maps at #map-archive **** ## A grassroots data archive This archive represents the collective work of our community to provide an alternative source for aerial imagery, and to highlight issues of environmental and social concern with Do-It-Yourself tools. The archive provides: * A permanent, backed up archive * A place to advocate around your data * A space to discuss and understand the maps ## How to contribute Most of the maps in this archive were made in [MapKnitter](, a free and open source tool created by Public Lab contributors to turn aerial photos into maps. To add your open source map to the archive, provide some background and to tell the story of your map in a note, then tag it with `map-archive`. Creative Commons and Public Domain maps are [both accepted](/licenses). [notes:grid:map-archive] ...

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