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The garden mapping goes on despite cracking carbon fiber

by liz , thegreencommunitygarden | October 01, 2014 15:12 01 Oct 15:12 | #11219 | #11219

September 30, 2014 Green Garden Community Garden mapping in Newark, NJ. Depicted above, Frank and the experimental bed of collards (half mulched, half unmulched).

So last week, we had a bit of a casualty during a public event where our prized carbon fiber telescoping fishing pole was out for display.

The three smaller segments got mashed, but at least we never used them to hold the camera so it doesn't matter:


More seriously, a joint also got mashed, but we were able to wrap it with electrical tape to use the pole, and then take off the tape to retract the segment:


More of an issue was that because of careless play, the smaller sections got wedged in the gap between the larger sections and caused an entire segment to crack lengthwise:


Because that segment was cracked, we had to secure its joint with electrical tape, which--luckily--did work:


We also applied wraps of electrical tape every 6" along the length of the cracked segment:


And it worked! No visible weakness along the length of the pole:


This equipment (pole, infragram, soda bottle housing, tapes, and a pad of paper research notes is now checked out to Carla and Frank).


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