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Youth of Ironbound set 2014 garden goals

by liz | May 09, 2014 20:17 09 May 20:17 | #10457 | #10457

This note is posted on behalf of Emily Turonis, garden manager at Ironbound Community Corporation.

Cortland St Community Garden Youth Planning Team Meeting

General Goals:

  • New boombox/radio
  • Get a lot of flowers to attract birds and butterflies
  • Murals and painting all around the garden
  • More interns and more high schoolers/ young adults participating in the garden
  • Stone path to walk from entrance to green house around the trailer

Measuring Our Progress/Goals:

  • Photograph our chicks once a week, every week to track their growth and our progress
  • WEIGH every pound of produce
  • Continue to WEIGH every pound of compost
  • Track our interns/high school/young adult gardeners to see if we are gaining more


  • Bees
  • Quails
  • More Space inside
  • More outdoor space (Next lot at 26 Cortland St)
  • Create a giant farm
  • Go to LA to see Nicki Minaj
  • Take a tour of other peoples gardens/fieldtrips

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