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First field day in Newark's Green Garden

by liz , thegreencommunitygarden | July 28, 2014 20:19 28 Jul 20:19 | #10987 | #10987

On Sunday, July 27, Phil and I went to Newark, NJ, picked up Cynthia Mellon, and went to Green Garden to meet Carla Green, Frank, and Elizabeth Reynoso.
We worked on basic garden tracking tools in the Five Borough Farm toolkit, and then Frank and Carla rigged the new 50' carbon fiber pole to take pictures. First we put up the infragram, and then the visible camera. The map is underway here:

Visible images





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This picture of Carla was very popular on twitter! It was retweeted by Newark's Office of Sustainability, another group encouraging New Jersey-based startups, and a gardening initiative in Chicago. Quite possibly, this image reached several thousand people.


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