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Newark Green Garden 2nd aerials

by liz , thegreencommunitygarden | September 17, 2014 15:39 17 Sep 15:39 | #11144 | #11144

My attempt and results

Yesterday, Frank, Carla, Mia and I met at Green Garden after a morning rain shower to collect the next set of aerial images of their garden. Since last time they took down the hoop house that had been damaged by a drunk driver, and harvested most of the summer crops. They are just beginning to plant for the fall season.





Measuring how much we grow:


Questions and next steps

The fall planting is going in this week, and we are going to plant two beds of spinach, each with different kinds of mulch and soil amendments. This will be the subject of our infragramming to see which plants thrive better. The write up will be part of the urban ag toolkit, in development here:


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