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map of Green Garden June 27 2014

by liz , thegreencommunitygarden | July 29, 2014 16:48 29 Jul 16:48 | #10992 | #10992

map details

These images were taken by a Canon S100 on top of a 50' pole that was extended to about 45'. Lots of lens distortion due to low height of image capture; additional visual interference from a tall green house structure which exaggerated the angle that the photo was taken from. During map knitting, ground accuracy of garden beds was prioritized, with secondary aesthetic consideration given to aligning the greenhouse members.

points of interest

Carla and Liz can be spotted weeding in the garden, while two passers-by stare up from the sidewalk.


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Cool garden map! I haven't even seen such a small mapknitter map. good work.

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How did you get the 45' pole to stand? Was someone holding it or was it fixed?

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The carbon fiber poles are very light weight (1kg or so). One person can stand one up. The momentum is a bit disconcerting, but its quite manageable.

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