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by liz | with abdul , Bronwen , cfastie , gretchengehrke , nshapiro , warren September 27, 2016 21:06 | #13493

above: sketch of figuring out how to organize "air" into a research area, and which methods are part of the research area, and which activities would go on what grid...Photo by @nshapiro

We've been having some fun discussions over the past couple months with people on each of the topical lists about what to name the new "top-level" pages where we're organizing. That means -- when posting activities, do they end up on /wiki/balloon-mapping or /wiki/aerial-photography? Do we use the older /wiki/spectrometer page, or the new one at /wiki/spectrometry? But we're hoping for even MOAR discussion!

Let's think about:

  1. where and how these new pages will show up -- most likely on a dropdown menu and maybe eventually on the front page of,
  2. and, the timing -- we're prioritizing the creation of these "origin" pages amidst all the creation of activities and activity grids we've been working on and will continue to work on through Barnraising.

So far we've created drafts of:

Up next:

When naming new pages, some things to consider are that names should be:

Looking ahead, we have more naming to do! There are some mismatched names:

  • "dssk" vs. "desktop-spectrometry-kit-3-0"
  • "infragram" vs. "infrared" vs "multispectral-imaging"
  • "timelapse" vs. the broader" photo-monitoring"

We'd really like to hear from a wide selection of voices about naming! Please pile on in the comments! Thank you!


What about having a title and subtitle for some of these pages? To provide context and other recognizable titles.

E.g.: something like but not necessarily

"Multispectral Imaging / Techniques to measure plant health, heat leakage, and other environmental concerns. / Includes near-infrared photography and infragrams

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Yes! sounds great! I think we are trying to have that kind of language, could you try adding that to the top paragraph of

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