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Transportation is a topic that covers everything from pollution created by different types of traffic, to the risks of hazardous materials that re moved from place to place by industry. Read below about topics such as marine traffic projects, and noise monitoring!



Activities should include a materials list, costs and a step-by-step guide to construction with photos. Learn what makes a good activity here.

Research notes

Title Author Updated Likes Comments
Potholes in New Orleans Conclusion @Rgaude about 3 years ago 0
The Pothole Problem: A New Orleans Pothole Project @Rgaude about 3 years ago 0
Potholes in New Orleans Survey Results @Rgaude about 3 years ago 0
Potholes in New Orleans Annotated Map Update @Rgaude about 3 years ago 0
Potholes in New Orleans Balloon Mapping Experience @Rgaude about 3 years ago 0
MapKnitter map of STEM Magnet Program for New Orleans Pothole Research @Rgaude about 3 years ago 0
Potholes in New Orleans Study Design @Rgaude about 3 years ago 0
Potholes in New Orleans Research Note @Rgaude about 3 years ago 1
The MotherLord of Nature- Potholes @adamroevens about 3 years ago 3
Youth-led Environmental Justice Organizing during COVID-19 @amocorro over 3 years ago 1
Map the quiet places near you using Hush City platform @Hush_City_Mobile_Lab about 5 years ago 3
How do I measure for marine noise pollution? @tinangata over 5 years ago 1
Low-cost air quality sensors to measure PM2.5, PM10? @bigmit37 almost 6 years ago 7
What is a good way to track vehicular traffic? @stevie almost 6 years ago 9 has really improved since the BP Oil Disaster! @liz about 6 years ago 0
How can I purchase dustduino sensor? @erumenig over 6 years ago 7
EPA's Beta C-Tools - Community Tools for Modeling Near-Road or Port Air Quality @zengirl2 about 7 years ago 1
SoCal Waste Stream Mapping at Learn Beyond the Book in Santa Clarita @sarasage over 7 years ago 0
Silica (frac) Sand Research @bkleist over 7 years ago 5
HackeAr @GSan over 8 years ago 1
Inexpensive HEPA Filter Fan project to reduce air pollution @Melissa over 8 years ago 20
Tracking Oil Trains Using RFIDs @tonyc almost 9 years ago 3
Raspberry Pi as Marine Traffic Radar @ajawitz almost 9 years ago 2
North Nashville: Concrete Batch Plant Rezoning Adjacent to a +50 Year Old Community @wward1400 over 9 years ago 0