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Potholes in New Orleans Study Design

by Rgaude | April 30, 2021 15:51 30 Apr 15:51 | #26417 | #26417

We have now developed a plan to actually start conducting field research.

  • The question we are asking

How does soft soil affect potholes/how does water affect potholes, what effect do floods have on the road, and how can potholes be repaired with asphalt?

The tools/methods we'll use

  1. Survey area with weather balloon and camera
  2. Measure the soil moisture in and around the pothole with a tensiometer
  3. Measure the temperature of the pothole and the surrounding area with a thermometer gun
  4. Measure the physical size of the pothole with a tape measure
  5. Repeat for all potholes in the surveyed area
  6. Record the location and data for all potholes on the map created by the weather balloon's camera
  7. Compare this information with other area

  8. For each tool:

  9. Frequency of use
  10. Length of time the study will cover
  11. What type of data it will produce
  12. How to analyze that data

  13. Weather balloon and camera: Once per area; one day per area; map; compare this area's potholes to another area's potholes

  14. Tensiometer: Once per pothole; one day per area; percentage of moisture; compare with other potholes' moisture
  15. Thermometer gun: Once per pothole; one day per area; temperature; compare with other potholes' temperature
  16. Tape measure: Thrice per pothole (length, width, and depth); one day per area; size; compare with other potholes' size

We plan for this project to increase local understanding of potholes, so they can be better prevented and repaired.


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