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The MotherLord of Nature- Potholes

by adamroevens , kevinmarinello , rayfieldlotten | April 14, 2021 00:24 14 Apr 00:24 | #26227 | #26227



9th-grade students at Brother Martin High School are researching potholes and how they affect the environment. **

Our main concern:


The main concern is that cars driving over potholes can extend the potholes further into the ground causing infrastructure underneath the roads to possibly break. The possible breakage of the infrastructure underneath the surface can lead to many other problems such as boil water advisory and other types of pollution. This can also lead to the redoing of the entire road infrastructure underneath which would cost more money and more time to repair than just repairing a pothole.

Obstacles and supporting information:

One obstacle that the students face is that it will be difficult to be able to see the consequences underneath the earth. The students may be able to find out how it happens but they may not be able to see what actually happens underneath the surface. According to The Times-Picayune, New Orleans loses 50 percent of its drinking water to underground leaks. These leaks can also lead to more potholes and eventually sinkholes being formed. **

Who is engaged in this concern?


People engaged in this concern include the general public and the New Orleans Department of Public Works. The Department of Public Works goes out and repairs the potholes but not after the general public calls a number (311) and reports the pothole.**

What are the initial questions?

  1. How do Potholes form?
  2. How do Potholes affect the environment?
  3. Who is trying to fix the issue?
  4. Who has the power and authority to fix the issue?
  5. How long does it take for a single pothole to be filled?
  6. What parts of New Orleans have the most potholes?
  7. What are possible solutions?


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