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Riffle: open source data logger

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Most project activity is happening on Github, visit the Riffle project there:

2016 status

Background and Goals

  • The Riffle is primarily a data logger, designed to be compatible with many kinds of sensors.
  • The "Coqui" (named after a cute chirping frog from the Caribbean) is a simple design for a conductivity sensor that works with the Riffle
  • Also see -- links to @VJPixel's water quality monitoring project in Brasil that was influenced by the Riffle We are working to develop an open source hardware datalogger that can be placed in the field for extended deployments and measure common water parameters like temperature, conductivity, depth, and turbidity.

There have been several iterations of the hardware, including a version based on an ARM chip. Currently, development is focused on an Arduino-compatible board that is programmable through the Arduino IDE. The github repository for the hardware design files (in Eagle) are here:

The board currently based on the Atmel328p, and is intended to be compatible with the accessibile and ubiquitous Wiring platform (and, by extension, the Arduino IDE).

The width and height of the Riffle-ito device allows the device to fit through the mouth of a standard commercially produced plastic water bottle (20 mm). By inserting the Riffle-ito into such a bottle, along with a few AA batteries, and connecting a thermistor and other sensors that poke out through the water bottle cap, a very accessible water quality sensor may be constructed.

We're also working with the Open Pipe Kit Project in order to find new ways of getting 'live' data from the field online.

Riffle-ito.png RiffleVerticalGood.png riffleAudio.png


Can I do Riffle Style projects with other hardware?

Riffle-style projects can be done with any Arduino-compatible data logger with some software modifications to account for differences in pinout, storage, and real-time-clock.


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