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Summer of Code programs

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Public Lab has received support for students to work on Public Lab software projects via Google's Summer of Code program -- 2017 is our fourth great year of open source coding! In 2017 we also joined the Rails Girls Summer of Code program.

This is a key way that we are able to develop our collaborative platform (this site) as well as other Public Lab coding projects.

2017's program has wrapped up; [Rails Girls Summer of Code ends at the end of September. Please see (and update) our Ideas page to start preparing for 2018 -- it's never too early!



Title Author Updated Likes
Software outreach: a blog series @warren 27 days ago
Help with a standard mini-evaluation for assessing software outreach efforts? @warren 30 days ago
Introducing Image Sequencer: a pure JavaScript non-destructive image processing library for Node, browser and command line @ccpandhare about 1 month ago
Wrapping up Google Summer of Code 2017 at Public Lab @warren 3 months ago
Web Working Group Update 20: August 2017 @warren 3 months ago
Final posts for Google Summer of Code @liz 3 months ago
GSoC Submission for Map of Projects @mridulnagpal 3 months ago
GSoC 2017: Final Report on Wiki Discussion @Ashan 3 months ago
GSoC 2017: Final Work Product of Image Sequencer Project @ccpandhare 3 months ago
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Getting to know plotsbot @ryzokuken 3 months ago
Demo for leaflet-blurred-location @mridulnagpal 4 months ago
Web Working Group Update 19: June 2017 @warren 5 months ago
Introducing Question Button in Wiki Pages @Ashan 5 months ago
Google Summer of Code 2017 - and a call for community mentors @warren 7 months ago
Email Notification Overhaul @stella 8 months ago
Email notification overhaul @bash 8 months ago
Image-sequencer - Graph Editor @calvrix 8 months ago
Graph Editor for the Image-sequencer @calvrix 8 months ago
Graph Editor for Image-sequencer @calvrix 8 months ago
OmniAuth and Wiki Discussion @vaibhavgeek 8 months ago
Omniauth and Gamification of contributing to Public Lab @vaibhavgeek 8 months ago
GSOC - Upgrade Plot to Rails 4 and Email Notification Overhaul @aayushgupta1 8 months ago
Re-construction for ImageSequencer @yachao 8 months ago
Expanded Rich Wikis @bansal_sidharth2996 8 months ago
Upgrading Plot to Rails 5 @aayushgupta1 8 months ago
Android app for Image sequencer @ashwinvasudevan 8 months ago
Developing Image Sequencer as a Library @ccpandhare 8 months ago
Upgrade Plot to Rails 4/Implementation of Facebook/Twitter Login @siaw23 8 months ago
OAuth-based login for FB, Twitter @siaw23 8 months ago
Tagging Interface @mkashyap354 8 months ago
Wiki Discussion @Ashan 9 months ago
GSoC Proposal - Email Notifications Overhaul @Khamba 9 months ago
Map of Projects @mridulnagpal 9 months ago
Call for Summer of Code 2017 proposals! @warren 9 months ago


Title Author Updated Likes
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Create a welcoming "first-timers-only" issue to invite new software contributors - - @warren - - 0 replications: Try it »
Help Public Lab’s software grow by joining a supportive team - - @warren - - 0 replications: Try it »

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Activities should include a materials list, costs and a step-by-step guide to construction with photos. Learn what makes a good activity here.


What does it mean to be a mentor? Mentors basically check in with a student once per week roughly from May-August, and offer some project management guidance... the plots-dev list can provide code-specific input so we share the burden of specific technical support.

We do occasional chat or skype sessions, and mentors rely on each other quite a bit, on the plots-gsoc list. Students often need project and time management guidance more than code guidance, and also need to be occasionally reminded to ask for input on the community lists when they get into trouble. also has a lot of resources on mentoring.


Mentor "guidebook":

gsoc developers

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