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GSoC"proposal: video upload and full-screen UI

by mehulchapaneri8988 | April 18, 2022 13:01 18 Apr 13:01 | #30475 | #30475

About me

Name : Mehul Chapaneri

University : LJ Institute of Engineering and technology

Course : BCA (Bachelors’s in Computer Application)

Location : India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad

Language : English, Gujarati , Hindi

Timezone : Ahmedabad,Gujarat (GMT+ 5:30)

Connect With me : Github , Linkedin

Email :

Gsoc Full time : yes

Pursuing Bachelor's degree in Computer Applications at LJ university I am passionate about learning Open Source real-world projects. This is my first-time Contributing open source I enjoy Contributing to open source organizations wholeheartedly. I am already proficient in (C, Javascript, HTML, CSS, ) or with a new technology that I have to learn as I build the solution. My semester will complete in late April leaving me enough time to get ready for my GSoC project. If I am selected, I shall be able to work around 40 hrs a week on the project, though am open to putting in more effort if the work requires it.

**Why Public Lab?**

I was seeking to do a challenging project this summer the Google summer of code 2022 provides the perfect opportunity after Going through the organization list GSOC 2022 the public lab infragram: online infrared image analysis in the javascript, HTML, CSS project offered a perfect match. I have contributed to other open-sour organizations; however, after reviewing their project ideas I decided that I should focus on the Public lab project. Once this decision was made after reaching out to the public lab community. it prods to be a good fit for reaching my project Goals. Becoming a part of the Public lab community not only for Gsoc but, In the future as well, is planned While being very well versed with the application stack that Public lab employ will give me a head start learning curve it also allows for a more immediate impact on the overall Public lab mission.

Project description

Public Lab is a small non-profit which supports communities facing environmental problems. Our work involves open-source hardware, developed collaboratively across our network of community groups, environmental advocates, scientists, and organizers -- and the software we create supports their work in collecting, analyzing, and understanding environmental problems. The infragram project brings together a range of different efforts to make Do-It-Yourself plant health comparisons possible with infrared photography.

The project About full-screen UI and video upload intrigues me, here is an idea on how to go about this project :-

Synopsis : enables people with Infragram-modified cameras to upload photos for analysis and conversion using techniques like NDVI (used in satellite imaging analysis). It also allows for live streaming from a modified webcam.

Abstract/summary (<20 words):

This project aims to make the user experience more enjoyable by fixing or tweaking aspects of the user interface. These changes could also be helpful for users exclusively using a keyboard because of the reduced item count and UI changes.

Technical Details :


we need to aim for it to be both user-friendly as well as developer-friendly. Both of these revolve around how well the Interface of the application is For a user. There are other issues as well. For example, the contents of the footer are not center-aligned, whereas the rest of the application is center-aligned. There is uneven padding and the fonts used are not user-friendly. The color is compatible with each other but does not get along well enough. The application is currently not responsive and this is a major problem. Allow drag and drop of a video, which will play on loop and have controls to scroll through, pause, etc. The application currently has a major problem as can be seen : Desktop_-_1.jpg


my approach, I've tackled all the 4 major changes suggested in the idealist: (

Allow cross-browser drag-and-drop on the entire page instead of just selecting an image Design a new interface (using Bootstrap 4; the current version is Bootstrap 3) for which is full screen with a toolbar, solicit and incorporate input from the user community Add a popup “Welcome” modal box which guides your first few steps based on the tutorial at Move the Q&A feature into a Help menu.

Mockup Solution here:

2 picture link: 2.jpg

3 picture link: 3.jpg

4 Picture link: 4.png In these photos, we can see Allow cross-browser drag-and-drop on the entire page instead of just selecting an image to many features that enable. 5 picture link: 5.jpg


Pre-GSoC Period - Till 20th May:- Understand the relevant parts of the interface and try to figure out what the final product should look like, how many and what kind of views should be made, etc. Solving already opened issues related to the project. Write a blog and post it Understanding the idea and getting doubts resolved as soon as possible.

Community Bonding:- Project Discuss with mentors and brainstorm some ideas which could have multiple approaches. Get acquainted with the theInfragram interferes and the procedure that needs to be followed to submit the code and get it reviewed. Discuss with the team what exactly needs to be the problem statement.

Week 1:- Make corresponding UI changes. Take feedback from mentors and improve. Writing some tests to head start making something new. Week 2:- make refinements to the toolbar, and solicit and incorporate input from the user community. Create a repository for the new UI and start setting up the environment. We can Discuss use cases for the updated mockup. The workload has been kept less this week so that I can practice other crucial techniques such as adding test cases and understanding code review workflow. . Week 3:- Communicate with GSoC/ Outreachy participant. We can Set up the HTML and CSS or javascript interface for the mockup solution Creat simple sections like Navabar/ Footer Take feedback from mentors and improve.

Week 4:- Set up other elements like the help bubble and the corresponding pop up Add Javascript wherever needed Week 5:- Work on new cross-platform WebRTC video library for Safari iOS support Document the UI changes to make hooking with JavaScript easier. Implement the final mockup and start hooking it with JavaScript by collaborating with possible GSoC accepted student

Week 6:- Work on accepting multiple resolutions of video. Write Tests for the changes made. Week 7:- We can Allow cross-browser drag and drop. Instagram to video Implement loop, pause, play, and sleek bar on canvas video (processing dropped video locally). Fix bugs in features. Week 8:- In The UI hooks the Javascript the cross-browser drag and drop find the bug and fix it Week 9:- Make the mockup functional completely. And review these functions. Week 10:- I can Collaborate with the outreachy applicant intern to discuss the final Evaluation UI Week 11:- Make a Responsive website.

Week 12&13 :- Collect all pending PR and issues and complete this.


show overall community involvement (like helping others): Search * Mehul89 Open issues: #376Github Publiclab/infragarm PRs :#229Github Publiclab/infragarm , #228GithubPubliclab/infragarm ,

Personal Inspiration for the Project

I have been passionate about open-source projects since the day I started contributing. It's a healthy community that promotes mutual learning and growth. When I came across Public Lab, I was intrigued by the activity on its Gitter. I have never seen such a community that actively helps the contributors and promotes discussion. I am really excited to work on the idea. first came to know about it from their TED talk, which inspired me to read their research paper. It is my aim to be able to get this technology in the hands of as many people as I possibly can. I already had plans to work on an implementation of this technology during these summer vacations. I have a huge personal inspiration to get this technology out to the world, and you can be assured of my motivation to complete this project. I would be glad if I could do this as a part of GSOC along with the Public lab


I am currently in the first year of BCA (bachelor’s in computer application) at LJ Institute of Engineering and technology this is the first time to apply in Gsoc and open-source but I like to contribute in : HTML CSS Javascript React.js Php C I have worked with CSS libraries and frameworks like Bootstrap and Material UI as well. I have been working with Figma for over a year now and it is my go-to tool for designing and implementing mockups.I have made high-fidelity prototypes using Figma as well.


I have been contributing to various open-source projects which have taught me a lot about teamwork and how to 'code and collaborate' as well as build on the feedback given by the community.


Most of Asia and Africa depend on staple crops and to make it easier for them to use such an application, it becomes really important to have a user-friendly interface that makes navigation easier. I have used a color palette that is less straining to the eyes and fonts that are impactful. The design overall is really focused to make Infragram a go-to stop for every beginner who wants to take benefit from its applications.


I will be dedicating the vacation to contributing to making Infragram a user-friendly application so that it can be utilized to its maximum potential. I have been a part of many college societies and clubs since my first year and managed my love for programming, academics, and club activities pretty decently. Since now I am in much fewer clubs, I will use the time management skills to structure my day such that I will be able to dedicate maximum time to Instagram.


Most of the content including images and input video for this document has been taken from Youtube.


Could you review this once? @mathildaudufo @warren

Sorry for that I upload 2 times proposal but this is real 😑

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Hi @mehulchapaneri8988 - thank you for your proposal! I appreciate the carefully thought through mockups and notes here. It's great to see your thought process.

For the new design, you had noted the extra white space on each side, but I wonder if your design could truly make the image we see edge-to-edge with no margin at all. Or really minimal margin. See how creates a working space that is an edge-to-edge workspace, even vertically it's fixed height. Maybe it would be helpful to see a mockup with an image added, so we can see what it will look like and how much extra space there is on each side. Likewise while editing an image, we could skip the footer and just have a completely edge-to-edge interface that is not scrollable. What do you think?

As to the code, do you have thoughts or anticipate challenges with some of the coding tasks, like refactoring the WebRTC library, or have you thought about exactly where (in what file) the changes for resolution or other projects will need to be made in the current codebase? I'd love to see how you're thinking about questions like, how should we determine what the available resolutions are from an incoming video feed? Getting a bit more detail on the coding process as you see it will bring up questions like these and let us know how you're thinking about the coding part of the project.

Thank you so much!!!

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