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Workshop: Draft an Issue Brief with a group

by stevie 4 months ago | 2 | 181 | 0

This workshop is intended to help you and your group navigate the process of drafting materials...

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Host a Goal Setting Workshop

by stevie 6 months ago | 0 | 368 | 0

Setting Goals starts with listening to individual interests and priorities and helps groups to ...

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Workshop: Explore Issue Briefs with others

by stevie 6 months ago | 1 | 193 | 1

About this workshop: In this workshop, participants will work together to explore [Issue Brie...

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How to visually document a site

by stevie about 1 year ago | 1 | 276 | 3

_The below activities from the Wetlands Toolkit, [Workshop 2: Understanding your wetland site](ht...

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