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Launching a Newcomers Welcome Call!

by stevie | June 18, 2019 19:52 18 Jun 19:52 | #19731 | #19731

Over the past couple years Public Lab has hosted a weekly Open Call every Tuesday. We started this call with the intent to share an open line for anyone who wanted to physically talk with people at Public Lab (by phoning in or connecting through video conference).

Open Call has served as a place for people seeking to do many things from get acquainted with Public Lab, and exploring how to get started, to hosting those who are workshopping new ideas, launching new projects, and exploring partnership opportunities. It has served as a spot for people to talk about everything from nuanced local environmental issues to big scale changes across geopolitical landscapes. It has even been a meeting grounds for people who ideating on ways the Public Lab website itself could be improved. This one Tuesday call slot has done a lot!

All this being said, we're adding something new! Starting next week, Public Lab is launching a Newcomers Welcome Call. This call will be hosted every Tuesday in the 15 minutes leading up to Open Call, on the same call in line.

We aim for this call to be a space for anyone who is new to Public Lab to get acquainted, and explore pathways for getting started with the Public Lab community. While we will still hold broader topic conversations on the Open Call time, the Newcomers Welcome Call will serve as a launch spot for anyone looking to get their proverbial boots wet with Public Lab!

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