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Odor Log 1.0

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"The most accessible and sophisticated environmental monitoring equipment is made available to most humans in the forms of noses, eyes, tongues, ears and skin". Sara Sage.

What we want to do

To facilitate monitoring of bad odor events through the collection of data using a written odor log and an online map.

The Log

We have created a log for offline data taking (with paper and pen) to register and keep track of bad odor events. You can download a printable PDF version of the log or an editable version (with in the case you want to modify it, add content, remove logos... We've mixed it based on the Sara Sage's Odor Complaint Form plus a couple of logs found online.

The apps

At the bottom of the log we've included two mobile app recommendations to get some valuable data like GPS coordinates and weather conditions (android & iOS), plus two other apps (android only) focused on enhancing the verificability of the pictures and videos we take of the places where the odors are detected:

Suggested activity

You can use de log as you want and we encourage everyone to engage in a collective effort to develop the log and it's possible uses. This is just a suggestion to begin testing:

  • Coordinate with some neighbours for simultaneously track the bad odor events in different points of your town.
  • Decide the length of the monitoring. Take at least a 2 week long record if the events are on a daily basis. If events are for example, once a week, consider taking a longer log.
  • Note on the log every day even if there's no bad odor event.
  • Take a picture of every page of your log pages or scan them.
  • You can then send the files with the results to your local authorities carbon copied to some newspapers and the EPA or the environmental authority in your country. Doing this, a track of your public complaint will be kept in several entities and mail servers. You can also carbon copy us at

This way you'll go from an undefined "there are lots of bad odor events in my area" to a documented "we've counted xxxx number of bad odor events located in A, B, C, and D places"... together with the geolocation, weather conditions, effects on people and all data that you decide to include in the log. Remember that you can adapt it to your needs editing this file.

Next steps

Implement an online form in collaboration with the Emapic project, based on the Odor Log data, able to display concentrations of odor events on a interactive map together with the bad odor reports collected data.

Feel free to suggest improvements to the log.

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