Barnraising 2017

Public Lab hosted the 2017 Barnraising November 3rd-5th at LUMCON in Cocodrie, Louisiana. The event drew 36 people from 12 states, and event brought participants from Germany and China! Check out some of the materials below and continue the conversations of Barnraising! ###Session topics for this Barnraising included: - "Getting started" the beginnings of organizing in the face of environmental issues - Facilitation techniques and Codes of Conduct - Louisiana and coastal wetlands - Existing data and citizen science - Exploring water monitoring tools ([notes here]( - Disaster response and recovery - Community science for direct intervention/remediation ([notes here]( - Science in the face of denial - Illustrated guides - Underpinnings of technical development - Building an antenna - Optimizing interdisciplinary collaborations - Methods and strategies for monitoring H2S - [activity used for this session here]( - [Session follow up OpenHour]( - The Public Lab website ([notes here]( - Microscopes and "how can communities visualize pollutants" ([Research Note on this session here]( - Exploring problems can crowd sourcing assist ([question that came out of this session]( - Funding strategies for environmental monitoring - Creating tangible games with environmental data - [notes here]( - [Session follow-up OpenHour]( - Mapping and monitoring plant biodiversity ([Research note on this session here]( People coming to the Barnraising often want to share on deep topics of interest with each other. Lightning talks have become a way to engage with people's individual projects or topics of expertise that are more about decimating information (rather that requiring a sessions space where we build a collaborative environment of learning). **Lightning talks topics at the 2017 Barnraising included:** - Invasive species in Louisiana by Chase Mathey - Exploring leaked emails by Gabi Sobliye - Water Availability & Vulnerability by @gilbert - How codes of conduct affect email lists by Molly de Blanc ([link to presentation]( - An oil monitoring project on Louisiana Beaches by @a1ahna - Games and building to promote learning about the environment - The Mayfly by Shannon Hicks - Africatown Alabama by Ramsey Sprague ## Questions [questions:barnraising] ##The Barnraiser The Barnraiser is a daily paper print publication participants in the Barnraising work together to produce. Below are copies of the Barnraiser that came out of this event: **UPLOADS PENDING** ##Notes and photos that came out of the Barnraising: [notes:barnraising-2017] ...

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