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Question:Fraunhofer Lines at higher resolutions?

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stef asked on January 26, 2017 21:09
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###What I want to do or know Would increasing the sampling rates available beyond the 640 that SW uses to analyze the data to at least the available native pix capture of current image sensors eg 1280 + improve the resolution to be able to see more clearly the Fraunhofer lines? Or am I just chasing my tail? See my captures with Sun, Sky tags.


Fraunhofer lines

spectrometer vermont ebert absorption sky fraunhofer astronomy sun atmosphere

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1 Answers

Can you link to your data directly?

I think it's possible higher resolution could help, but there may also be other resolution issues such as the narrowness of your slit or your camera's noise.

There is definitely an open issue for this, however, if you or someone you know can give it a crack!


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