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Question:How much are Coqui measurements affected by hot/cold water?

warren asked on September 13, 2014 20:40
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What I want to do

Some people don't drink water from the hot tap, because its sat in pipes and has more heavy metals. But could we use the 555-based <$5 Coqui sensor?


My attempt and results

First we had to let them equalize in temperature because that'll affect conductivity. Then we made a more durable version of the Coqui soldered on a perforated circuit board instead of a breadboard.

Questions and next steps

How much is temperature a factor? Can the Coqui compensate for temperature?

Why I'm interested

This'd be a great first thing people could do with such a sensor... A Hello World, and one which would have real environmental health repercussions for anyone drinking their tap water.

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