> AS220 is a non-profit community arts organization located in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. We are an unjuried, uncensored forum for the arts: a space to access tools, technology and knowledge; a space to come together, collaborate, innovate, experiment and take risks. AS220 envisions a just world where all people can realize their full creative potential. ## Kits AS220 Industries hosts Modern Device, which offers a range of open source electronics, including accelerometers, wind, and other sensors help your project interact with its surroundings. ## Wind The AS220 wind sensor comes in 2 versions for higher and lower wind speeds, and connects to an Arduino-based device or #data-logger: [![Screenshot_2018-02-28_at_4.43.15_PM.png](]( ### Calibration There is some great in-depth work on calibrating these here: * * * **** ## Questions Ask and answer questions about AS220's wind sensor here: [questions:as220-wind-sensors] ## Activities Try the sensors out with these activities, or post your own step-by-step guide: [activities:as220-wind-sensors] ...

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