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Can biosolids promote certain types of mold growth in buildings?

by Zengirl2 11 days ago | 0 | 93 | 3

Asking this question for a community member who is seeing an upswing in molds in residential and ...

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Studying the impact of a Cineplex in a residential area

by SSamuel New Contributor 15 days ago | 2 | 85 | 1

I want to do a study on a Cineplex in my neighbourhood which is in a residential area. The setbac...

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An overview of the ESA missions and their data (Earth observation)

by niklasjordan 18 days ago | 2 | 75 | 2

Image: [Copyright ESA][4] Especially in the field of community science, there is often the probl...

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SoC MeetUp at DTU

by bansal_sidharth2996 about 1 month ago | 15 | 138 | 7

@sagarpreet and I organized a seminar at Delhi Technological University on 10th September 2018 as...

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Citizen log v1

by imvec about 1 month ago | 1 | 80 | 3

To set a worldwide Online Pollution Reporting Tool, free, open and as private as possible. ...

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PM 2.5 Air Quality Index for Keller, Texas

by jiteovien about 2 months ago | 9 | 397 | 2

I downloaded Purple Air data for Keller, Texas, as described in the [Download & Analyze Purple Ai...

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How (not) to grow Lotus for wetland transplanting

by eustatic about 2 months ago | 0 | 92 | 2

The boys at Docville gifted us three lotus seeds to grow (see their greenhouse above). Initially...

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Check up on Bayou Bienvenue 22 August 2018

by eustatic about 2 months ago | 7 | 312 | 3

We flew an old school Canon and balloon rig, like in the glory days of 2010, in the still heat of...

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DIY Science Lesson with the Coqui

by pdhixenbaugh about 2 months ago | 3 | 174 | 5

Use the coqui as a way to teach kids about how they can find their own scientific methods to ...

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I am looking for a low cost lab to test for PFOA/PFOS.

by UpperPotomacRiverkeeper New Contributor 2 months ago | 0 | 147 | 3

I am working with a community of residents that may have been impacted by the pollutant PFOA/S fr...

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HOBO 4-Channel Logger with Larger Battery

by norbert New Contributor 3 months ago | 0 | 90 | 3

Model U12-008 is a reliable data logger for outdoor environments that can be connected to up to f...

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Are there any DIY equipment that measure dissolved oxygen levels in water?

by belkinsa 3 months ago | 3 | 162 | 2

I getting into the process monitoring dissolved oxygen levels a part of the O'Bannon Creek, in Lo...

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Updating the WheeTrometer: Code for running the CCD.

by JSummers 4 months ago | 10 | 372 | 5

This research note is about driving a photodiode array (also called a charge cap...

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Is there someone who can help pull and analyze Purple Air data?

by stevie 5 months ago | 5 | 213 | 1

Hi! There's a group in Mobile County Alabama who has been using the purple air monitors, but the...

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Raspberry PI NoIR close-up Imaging

by MaggPi 5 months ago | 8 | 340 | 5

Objectives include: -Adjust focus for a NoIR camera lens by using a specially designed tool....

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Community Microscope Assembly Instructions

by bronwen 5 months ago | 7 | 411 | 3

<iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" width="560" height="31...

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GSoC with Public Lab: Selection

by gauravano 6 months ago | 4 | 197 | 2

Hello, This article is about how I started my journey with Public Lab and got selected for GSoC,...

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by stella 6 months ago | 1 | 214 | 3

Event planning can turn even the most capable person into a ball of nerves. After a couple sleep...

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Reverse Engineering (a hands-on STEM activity)

by SuziT9 6 months ago | 3 | 244 | 4

If you are looking for a fun activity to do with kids, this is it! **The Reverse Engineering acti...

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Delhi Open source meetup at NSIT

by tech4gt 6 months ago | 13 | 225 | 4

I planned and hosted a small Open source meetup at my college Netaji Subhash Institute if Technol...

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Qualitative Time Lapse of Copper Corrosion

by ErikHanley11 6 months ago | 4 | 198 | 4

On February 9th, 2018, the copper rods from the Deer Island Round D testing were visually analyze...

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Raspberry Pi Microscope/close up lens system

by MaggPi 6 months ago | 11 | 680 | 3

![Raspberry Pi Microscope/close up lens system][1] This project provides a way to use a Ras...

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Measuring pollen

by Yeipi New Contributor 7 months ago | 5 | 327 | 3

Dear Community Members, Does anyone know if there are OScH tools to measure pollen in air? (or pr...

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