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CivicLab has been invited to apply to host a Chicago Ideas Week Lab to take place between October 13-19, 2014. We think that something involving citizen science would be novel in Chicago and make a great hands on activity. It could also be a good way to get more people involved in the recently started Public Lab Chicago Chapter, and hopefully in the specific projects people are crafting there. This is a space to flesh out a proposal.

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Note: you do not need to be invited to apply (wink).

Useful Information

Chicago Ideas Week


  1. CivicLab
    • Benjamin Sugar
  2. Rising Tide Chicago
    • Joy Holowiki
  3. Your organization
    • and/or you here!

Constraint Hypotheses

  1. Whiting is probably too far as is the 30 minute drive to 10730 South Burley (that's the address right?). At 18 minutes, 25 E 100th St. (again, do I have that correct?) is a possibility but traffic is never ideal and that could easily turn into 30. Add in time to setup, and I think we'll be pretty crunched and have a watered down version.

  2. We should meet at CivicLab. Even if we had an off-site which was closer, while we would save time by meeting at the site, we'd also have to have a rain plan which might confuse people and lower our attendance.

    The other benefit is that this will give Joy the opportunity to talk about Rising Tide Chicago RTC the issues you're working on, and how you're approaching it with the PL kits. Hopefully this will generate interest both in the issue but also in out RTC! This could be done in the field but meeting at CivicLab gives RTC the ability to use images instead of just talking while we stand in the field.


  1. Meet at CivicLab, have RTC presentation, then balloon map either right outside the lab, or walk to union park and map the park. Rain plan, spectrometry.

  2. RTC brings samples to the lab from a site which we analyze with the DIY spectrometers.

  3. We have a Public Lab Discotech (Discovering Technology) in a fair like environment). People who want to go mapping, go. People who want to spectromet-atize stay. People can also do infragrams. Rain plan, 100% no mapping.

  4. More ideas please! Nom nom nom nom nom.