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This draft page is attempting to create a workflow for people to identify reportable issues captured in aerial photography of Harvey-affected areas, specifically industrial sites.

Photo: SC National Guard (170831-Z-AH923-081) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Basic needs for imagery reporting

  1. Collect images (from various sources) -- do a call for images (like this for Harvey)
  2. Make a list of image URLs for each image set (now in this activity)
  3. Sort through each image entry for possible pollution incidents (using guidance on image ID) & take notes on each image in a consistent format (like this for Harvey)
  4. Submit this list to GRN and/or other partner (for Harvey, GRN is just watching the spreadsheet) OR report directly to various agencies (need instructions on how to report)

See the below resources to begin turning these into activities.

Potential partners

Let's brainstorm some partners to work on this and future disaster responses with. See the main harvey page too for Groups.

Add other possible partners here (you'll need to be logged in)

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For the steps outlined above.

Compile image sources

(largely complete for now, asked as a question)

Gather satellite or aerial images -- before and after may be needed. Also see compiled imagery sources in this question:

Examine images for flooding/damages

Check through images for listed locations--in some cases you can see sheen or waste

Use this guide on visual oil identification and this example image of flaring

  • Images may have meta data with GPS aligned with plane location instead of site location
  • Flooded or suspicious locations should be compiled in a spreadsheet for report
  • Do screen capture of the footage to attach to report
  • Check to see who owns imagery, which may impact who needs to receive report
  • Compare location to list of industrial sites

Industrial sites in TX

Gather/compile lists of at-risk sites in TX (oil refineries, sewage, nuclear etc.)

Add other sources here (you'll need to be logged in)

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Uploading screenshots

These are extra steps for the NOAA Harvey image compiling activity

1. Take a screenshot

Take a screenshot of any site from the above lists, or any industrial site you can see where flooding may have caused issues. Example:

screenshot 2

2. Upload the screenshot

Upload the screenshot to this folder on this public Google Drive:

You can copy a link to that image by right clicking on it or by selecting it and choosing Get shareable link:

screenshot 4

You can also upload images as a comment on this page.

Remember to save the link to the photo to add to the spreadsheet. If it's a comment, you can click on the time, i.e. 1 minute ago next to the comment header to get a direct link to that comment, as in this screenshot:

screenshot 3

Back to the image compiling activity

If you got here from the NOAA Harvey image compiling activity, you can return there and resume at Step 2.

If you got here from the NOAA Harvey image compiling activity, you can return there and resume at Step 2.

More resources

video explaining, maybe, what could be done (bad audio?)

GRN master sheet of links