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Congratulations to our 2019 Outreachy and Google Summer of Code team!

by warren | September 05, 2019 19:17 05 Sep 19:17 | #20777 | #20777

This week, we wrapped up our 2019 Outreachy and Google Summer of Code with the largest team of fellows ever -- 15, with two joining via Outreachy and 13 via GSoC. We also had our most successful summer ever, with a huge number of amazing projects and some incredible collaborations.

(above, a picture from an amazing event organized in Jaipur by @divyabaid16 about GSoC and Public Lab's first-timers-only work!)

This past Tuesday, we had an extra-long OpenHour (2-hours, actually) and folks got to give short presentations on their projects.You can watch them here on YouTube!

One thing I noted was that we had much more collaborative work this summer than in the past, with multiple 2-person teams working in close concert with each other, as well as a number of different bigger teams coordinating in parallel and across major integration projects -- MapKnitter being the biggest example of this!

I think this speaks to how we've grown as a community and developed strong cooperative practices! I also wanted to high-five everyone for opening MANY first-timers-only issues, and inviting many newcomers into their projects. It shows great leadership, and was crucial to the success of the summer's projects.

Overall, I was super impressed, and wanted to offer a big CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who participated: students/interns/fellows, mentors, and also all the newcomers who came and joined in on these projects.

Here are everyone's final reports. And again, GREAT WORK!!! 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

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Congratulation everyone!! You all did great work.

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