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GSoC19: Mapknitter Rails Upgrade

by kaustubh_nair | August 26, 2019 03:07 | 95 views | 2 comments | #20667 | 95 views | 2 comments | #20667 26 Aug 03:07

Hi all, I've been working with Alax Alves together on the mapknitter rails's a final report of all the work done during time.

Increasing test coverage: We've increased mapknitter's test coverage from 50% to ~72%. Also since the introduction of rails 5, I've configured system tests and we've implemented some for testing javascript as well!

PR for increasing test coverage:,,

Yarn upgrade: After the Rails 4 upgrade by Cess, I switched mapknitter from bower to yarn for javascript dependencies.


Rails 5 upgrade: I upgraded Mapknitter to rails 5 along with Alax. This took a significant amount of time since we skipped a few versions and went directly to rails 5.2.3, but it definitely made the process easier!


Rails 6 upgrade: Rails 6 upgrade was quite easy. Although we've finished it we don't have it merged yet into the main branch. This is because the debian package for rails 6 isn't out yet so we can't deploy it to the production site. It should be out once rails 6 becomes stable so it should happen soon!


Other minor fixes:

I've been helping merge some dependabot PRs for upgrading javascript here:,,,,

Setting up dangerbot:

Future plans: Since Rails 5 is mostly stable, I'm going through the dependabot PRs and testing them. Also I'll be implementing some minor system tests for better coverage

It has been a great summer at publiclab! Special thanks to @alaxallves, @warren, @sashadev-sky and others at Mapknitter!


You both did a fabulous job working together this summer!! 😃 Keep the spirit always up folks

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Thank you!!!! This is great!

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