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Public Lab Outreach Event - Jaipur

by divyabaid16 | August 19, 2019 17:42 19 Aug 17:42 | #20581 | #20581

Today, 19th August 2019 I, with few of my batch mates, organized GSoC meetup event in our University in order to help, guide and bring more developers to the open-source environment.

We demonstrated how to use Git, Github and the power of the Version Control System. We tried to elaborate on the importance of the community like Public Lab and how it helps to tackle the environmental concerns.

This was the first time I interacted with such a large group of students, I was a bit nervous but as the talk went on I started feeling more comfortable and I regained my confidence. Delivering such a talk and interacting with students not only provide the information but also boosts one's confidence and improves public speaking skills.

I practically tried to show them the first-timers-only issues of the plots2, showed them the template of FTOs. Elaborated on how to proceed with them.

Below are some of the points on which my talk focused :

  • What is Open Source? What is Github? Git Vs Github.
  • Open Source Vs Closed Source.
  • Deep dive on Version Control System.
  • How to get started? I told the story of my first contribution.
  • What is the Public Lab? What is GSoC? How to get involved with Public Lab?
  • What are FTOs, the importance of FTOs in Public Lab? How the Public Lab is newcomer friendly.
  • Practical demonstration on how to report a bug, open an issue, claim an issue and other ways to contribute.

Please find some glimpses of today's event below.image descriptionimage descriptionimage descriptionimage descriptionimage descriptionimage description image description


wow, Amazing work Divya!! ❤️ 🎉

Thanks a lot! :)

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Seems you had lots of fun. Awesome Divya!!

I think, images of event are not uploaded correctly.

I just correctly uploaded them now. Thanks!

Nice participation. Images looks great 😃

Thank you!! :)

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Fantastic, that's so awesome, Divya! How did people respond? Did they have questions about our process or your work at PL?

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They were mostly first and second year enthusiastic students, they were very excited and as you can see in the picture, more students than we expected came in the event. I asked them to check the plots2 repository in their phones, and many of them looked and read about it. They had many questions and I tried to address them, for example, they asked about the guidelines followed at Public Lab, and many more things. I explained about my work, but as most people didn't have any prior knowledge so they didn't understand much, but they're looking forward to get involved in the open-source.

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Great initiative @divyabaid16 🎉 🎉 . Thanks for sharing here ❤️

Thanks a lot, Cess!! 😃

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Crowd is fantastic. Well done!!! I hope many people will get involved in open source which attended the event.

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