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Lead image from 2016 field work by @shalter & Lion ( @shizi ), ZhangZhang, King and @liz


Organizer @shanlter has been doing amazing work with many organizations including GreenovationHub, DFRobot, GreenHunan, and more. Other China-based Public Lab folks include @shizi and @vickykq

Environmental projects

Title Author Updated Likes Comments
Public Lab Code of Conduct-Chinese Version @EdithCheung over 5 years ago 1
Folding-Beijing: A Board Game based on Beijing eviction action @shanlter over 6 years ago 5
Willow Creek Water Quality Monitoring @MadTinker almost 7 years ago 9
Sensor: ORP versus PH @MadTinker about 7 years ago 2
Build KnowFlow: automatic water moniter @shanlter about 7 years ago 62
Impressive stats from GreenHunan @liz over 7 years ago 2
Pearl River Monitoring in Guangzhou @shanlter almost 8 years ago 10
Chinese kite factory @shanlter about 8 years ago 5
Kite aerial photography in China @Shizi about 8 years ago 4
Photos of building Coquis in Hong Kong @liz over 8 years ago 0
Guilin Pharma mapping @shanlter over 8 years ago 3
a pendulum rig flies over China @liz over 8 years ago 2
The open burning of textile waste @shanlter over 8 years ago 3
600km Kayaking for testing the water condition @Vickykq over 8 years ago 0
PureLab:Experiment and Installing Water Filters Record In Banmentun @shanlter over 5 years ago 3

Title Updated Version Views Likes
谷仓聚会 Barnraising Guangzhou, China over 5 years ago by stevie 13 1,433 4
china almost 6 years ago by liz 4 431 1
中国城乡水质问题 - Water Risks in Urban and Rural China about 8 years ago by shanlter 3 1,304 3
taiwan almost 10 years ago by liz 2 253 0

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