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600km Kayaking for testing the water condition

by Vickykq | January 16, 2016 04:36 16 Jan 04:36 | #12589 | #12589

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What I want to do

I’m seeking a right approach to bring up the awareness of the citizens and make it more fun that everyone could enjoy and get involved in it.

My attempt and results

2015.12.31 – 2016.1.14. We had arranged a kayaking event, 15 days, 600km in total, from the beginning of east reach of pure river till the end. Approximately, every 40km we have a sample to test them afterward. It is shown in the report how it get worse along the river. The problems divided, industry pollution, construction pollution, agriculture pollution etc.





We found there are printing and dyeing factory just spewing water into the river, and the next 1km , there is a drinking water factory that intaking the water. We found there are oil tankers leaking the oil or pouring the oil where just 15 km away from the city. Etc.



So many problem actually we made by ourselves, and we should do something. 333.jpg

Questions and next steps

The water problem could be a sensitive issue to the government. So I am wondering if there is a right solution or less conflict way to arrange more event or public more report without really irritated the official party.

Why I'm interested

I'm from southern part of China and I'm a NGOer. I’m focus on the water quality within Canton province where I born and raised of. Drinking water problem had become a big issue, however, most of the people either know nothing about the situation because there is no proper way to have the accurate data as the government always illustrated the good number. or they choose to sit there and count on the government to solve the problem , even worse, they choose to ignore the problem. I think everyone can make a change, even that is a small change.


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