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This page collects tips, guides, and documentation about using the Public Lab website. As a collaborative community, we are always refining our collaboration infrastructure. Please read on to learn how, and leave a comment if you'd like to help out -- thank you! ### Basic workflows * On this website, people can browse, sign up, follow some topics, write a post, leave a comment. * More experienced users can create new topics, host discussions and knowledge bases around them, post activities, tutorials and events, and create Q&As. * Public Lab's [Moderators](/wiki/moderation) guide community interactions according to our [Code of Conduct](/conduct). ### Overview is a content management system for the Public Lab research community. The website hosts a collection of forum-like groups of people, posts, and wiki pages, each focused on a [topic](/topics) like [water-quality](/tag/water-quality) or [disaster-response](/tag/disaster-response). It includes a variety of features that help the Public Lab community collaborate on environmental activism, research, technology design and documentation, and community organizing. ### Audience & accessibility The website's code is organized and structured around [inclusive and welcoming community values](, as part of our efforts to ensure that historically excluded groups are centered and supported in the crafting of this software project. Designed for a general audience with no particular familiarity with web conventions, priority is given to very low barrier interaction — [low floor and wide walls over high ceiling]( ### Key features * [Rich text authoring environment]( with image upload for creating posts and wiki pages * [Subscriptions](/subscriptions) and [notifications](/notifications) for followed content * Dynamic inline collections, maps, and tables using short-code-style [inline power tags](/wiki/power-tags#Inline+power+tags) * Embeddable interactive listings of activities, posts, and questions on external sites * Geographic tagging of posts and profiles for place-based organizing, with [location privacy](/location-privacy) * A [Q&A portal](/questions) for peer-based problem solving * [Content moderation systems](/spam2) and dashboard of comments and posts for logged in moderators * Print, screen reader, and mobile display accessibility * [Usage statistics system](/stats) with graphing per-timeframe analytics * Threaded comments, emoji reactions, and reply-by-email * OAuth-based login with Twitter, Facebook, GitHub and Google accounts, and OpenID-based unified Single-Sign-On (SSO) for MapKnitter and Spectral Workbench * Customizable profile pages, posting [templates](, [internationalization](, [translation into 10+ languages](/translation), standard API ## Subtopics [wikis:parent:website] ### Authoring These pages provide documentation on creating content on this website: [wikis:authoring] ### Utility pages [wikis:website-utilities] ## Questions [questions:website-structure] **** ## Activities [nodes:activity:website] Add an activity or request an activity guide you don't see listed **** ## More pages related to the website [wikis:website]...

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