Climate change

Through more extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and rising global temperatures, climate change impacts the health of our communities in many ways [1]. Throughout Public Lab you’ll find tools and resources to research and monitor the effects of climate change on your local environment. From water quality to air quality to disaster response, many of the environmental issues addressed on Public Lab connect back to climate change and its impacts. This page is a place to collect and organize resources on taking climate action through community science. Visit the [climate change tag page]( to see the latest community posts about climate change on Public Lab, and click the button below to subscribe to `climate-change` and get updates on this topic. Subscribe to `climate change` And regarding the local impacts of climate change, see community work on disaster response here: Sources: 1. [Climate effects on health]( What's on this page now: Join the conversation Ask a question, answer a question, or follow future questions on climate change Post an issue brief that describes your local concern related to climate change Learn about accessible ways to research climate change See current and emerging methods Read research notes Do or add an activity See community projects and stories" related to climate change Browse resources Learn about regulations related to climate change Find further reading and resources Learn about next step challenges in community science on climate change ## Join the conversation ### Questions from the community + See if other community members are asking questions like yours + Ask a question so other community members can offer support + Sign up below to be notified when someone asks a climate change question. [questions:climate-change] ### Post an Issue Brief Share a local concern or issue related to climate change and get support from the Public Lab community by writing and posting an Issue Brief. Visit “[Write an Issue Brief](/wiki/issue-brief)” to find information on what an issue brief is, see examples, and learn how to write one. ## Research climate change ### Current methods related to climate change Methods published on Public Lab and tagged with `climate-change` will appear on the [climate change methods page]( Below you’ll find a collection of accessible ways to research the effects of climate change, gathered from across Public Lab and beyond. Water Methods relevant to flooding, drinking water, stormwater Stormwater #drinking-water Air Methods for monitoring particulate matter, gases, indoor air #air-quality Land change Mapping and imaging methods #land-change Community organizing Methods for advocacy #community-organizing _Do you have a tool or method to share? [Start a method page]( and add the tag `climate-change`_ ### Emerging methods and technologies related to climate change Here we’ll describe new and developing approaches to researching climate change effects. _Please contribute your ideas here!_ ### Research notes Posts written by Public Lab community members and tagged with `climate-change` will appear here [notes:climate-change!question:climate-change] ### Activities Activities on Public Lab that have been tagged with `climate-change` will appear here [activities:climate-change] ## See community projects and stories ### Projects related to climate change + [Thriving Earth Exchange Cambridge Albedo project]( ### Community stories and conversations + [Sustain the Nine: Resilience in the Lower Ninth Ward](/notes/joyofsoy/11-09-2018/sustain-the-nine-resilience-in-the-lower-ninth-ward), published in Public Lab’s _Community Science Forum_ + [OpenHour interactive seminar on Energy](!) _Do you have a project or story to share? [Start a project page]( or [write a blog post]( and add the tag `climate-change`, or post links here!_ ## Regulations, policy, and advocacy + [Inventory of climate and clean energy policies by state](, organized by the United States Climate Alliance + “[Science, Climate Litigation, and the Law](,” a webinar hosted by the Union of Concerned Scientists ## Further reading and resources + US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website on [Climate Effects on Health]( ## Next step challenges ...

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