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Learning for Justice in a Climate Changing World

by amocorro | June 23, 2020 22:32 23 Jun 22:32 | #24028 | #24028

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Hello my name is Ashley. I am the new Community Manager @ Public Lab. I've spent the past 10+ days onboarding: reading about your projects, curiousities + calls for support, and the last decade of Community Science through a range of media shared on this website.


I've been reflecting a lot about the many pathways to justice and how these relate to our own collective wellness + the natural world in a climate changing world. How are youth and families learning about these topics: advocacy, community environmental monitoring, and just transitions?

I don't know if I ever stop thinking about these intersections. I'm always finding ways to ground my community organizing in cultures, health & wellbeing, and climate resilience. Lately I have been struggling to find words to encapsulate this moment in time. As I come to the greater Public Lab community in this new staff role and as a #newcomer, I'm also entering my fourth month during global pandemic. I have had a heavy heart as I see the continuation of a long list of hyperlocal-to-global concerns: oil spills, deforestation, increased food insecurities, spikes in illegal fishing, lack of access to clean and fresh water, communities falling ill and publicized murder. Plus the disinvestment in grassroots-led initiatives across conservation, climate, and education...

Though despite the weight of it all, I am also feeling moved. I am seeing communities come together like never before (in my lifetime) and mobilize to support one another, especially on their journeys to justice. And I am feeling ignited by Public Lab's Stategic Plan 2020-2022 and how I will be able to amplify this work with the team at the start of this new decade.


How do we hold one another accountable to these environmental injustices that are on-going in our/nearby communities during COVID-19? What is the condition or outcome that our/these communities are envisioning, and what are the associated actions? How do my actions contribute to the greater Climate Justice movement?

I am still processing...

And I am looking forward to experiencing more of the collaborative processes Public Lab is known for at a future Barnraising (virtual or IRL!) and learning along side you in this ever-growing community.

Let me know what is moving you right now around Environmental Justice and Climate Justice. I look forward to connecting with you!

Photo credit: @AVANTI CHAJED The Center for the Professional Education of Teachers (CPET) at Teachers College at Columbia University; Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies #csp


@ektopyrotic awards a barnstar to amocorro for their awesome contribution!

I feel so honored! Thank you so much for awarding me my first ever barnstar!

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