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Data Divide: Kathmandu Living Labs & OpenStreetMap

by julia_e_masters | November 30, 2021 00:39 30 Nov 00:39 | #28314 | #28314

Kathmandu Living Labs is a leading civic-tech company based out of Nepal. Founded in 2013, primarily, to advance the Open Mapping movement, they have trained and engaged thousands of people from Nepal and other Asian countries in mapping their local communities in OpenStreetMap (OSM). As a social enterprise, they provide data and technology solutions to governments, development partners, businesses and civil society. In recognition of our works, KLL has received several national and international awards.

As part of this work, KLL has published research, such as piloting data research projects on digital data gaps, as can be seen here. This reports the findings from Digital Internship and Leadership (DIAL), a programme designed to fill data gaps in rural Nepal by engaging young people in mapping rural Nepal by integrating targeted mapping, a virtual internship strategy and youth leadership development. The findings suggest the potential benefits of targeted mapping initiatives embedded in youth leadership internship programmes to address those critical data gaps.

If you're interested in learning more about KLL's application of the Open Mapping movement, how their work has evolved, and how this framework is crucial to rapid response in disaster recovery, check out their presentation here.


Loved seeing the testimonies from mappers in the presentation about how their experience of mapping was so impactful ❤️

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