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Sreyantha Chary currently is a Sprint Fellow for Public Lab working on Spectral Workbench. He was a Google Summer of Code Student at Public Lab in 2013 and 2014.

He is a PGDM (equivalent to an MBA) candidate at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

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Stepwise procedures to guide users through testing

by Sreyanth over 2 years ago | 16 | 1,222 | 2

I wanted to create a new module for SpectralWorkbench, to guide the users through testing, and a...

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GSoC 2014 - Automatic Spectrometer Calibration

by Sreyanth almost 4 years ago | 2 | 1,554 | 2

My GSoC project this year deals with enhancing the awesome SpectralWorkbench support automatic...

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Automatic Spectrometer Calibration and Offline SWB - GSoC 2014 Proposal

by Sreyanth about 4 years ago | 18 | 2,570 | 0

Name: Mora Sreyantha Chary, (fondly called as Sreyanth) Affiliation (school/degree):...

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Finding closest match spectra from the database (GSoC) - Final Post!

by Sreyanth over 4 years ago | 3 | 3,029 | 2

Continuing with my previous research notes [1, 2], which discuss about the whereabouts of my proj...

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Finding closest match spectra from the database (GSoC) - work done so far

by Sreyanth over 4 years ago | 1 | 3,139 | 4

Continuing with my previous note here:

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Find closest match spectra from database - GSoC project

by Sreyanth over 4 years ago | 4 | 3,000 | 2

Hi everyone. I am Sreyantha Chary Mora (preferred: Sreyanth), a senior undergrad majoring in C...

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