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Since late 2015 I have been a Research Coordinator for the CPRIT Therapeutic Antibody Core at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. My work here focuses on writing, administration, and management of scientific projects, particularly in the area of therapeutic antibodies.

I have a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering from Stanford and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from UC Irvine. I worked as a postdoc in tissue engineering at the National University of Singapore, then as an assistant professor at the University of Tsukuba in Japan, studying stem cell biology and radiation effects.

After returning to the US, I took freelance work editing and tutoring as I pursue a long-term goal of transitioning to a career involving science policy. My dream job would be working to facilitate international research collaborations, evaluating research findings, communicating research results and managing research programs and policy for a federal agency or international organization.

To build relevant knowledge of government processes, in 2014 I worked as an adviser to the Ambassador at the Permanent Mission of Palau to the UN. In this position, I was able to contribute a description of regional science-policy interfaces in the South Pacific to a project evaluating such interfaces around the world.

To build leadership and organization skills for the above target, and to support causes important to me, I am active in my community. Two highlights are AWIS and Toastmasters. Recently I joined the Career Development Committee of ??AWIS Gulf Coast Houston??. Previously, in AWIS San Diego, I was co-chair for Events Committee and a member of Strategies Committee and the planning committee for AWIS San Diego's biennial Women in Science and Technology Conference, WIST 2015. I have also been a long-time member of Toastmasters, most recently BioToasters in San Diego and Medically Speaking Toastmasters here in Houston.

Last but not least, I enjoy learning about people and cultures around the world. For a year I served as organizer for the Meetup Group Farsi in San Diego, including planning, coordinating and leading a series of classes for beginning Persian language learners. I've continued in Houston as an Event Organizer for a similar Meetup, Houston Persian (Farsi) Speakers and Learners. For fun and accountability I post examples of my own practice.